Massage Studio in Milford, DE

About Alora

Alora is a name that means Dream. Everyone has dreams of living a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy, and even dream of just feeling good. At Alora your dream can become a reality.

Jeremy Dickerson started Alora as a Licensed Massage Therapist under the name Massage by Jeremy. Massage is a proven method of therapy for a myriad of ailments. Massage also comes in a variety of modalities. Instead of entrusting the client to know and choose their desired modality, Jeremy took the time to understand his clients needs and give them a custom massage blending the modalities that will give the client the absolute best results every time. 

Once stress has been relieved, tension in the muscles have eased, and the connective tissue throughout the body has reset, then the body can do what it was made to do and begin to heal itself. It all begins with a dream. Contact us below to learn how we can help your dream of living better become a reality.

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