My Why

When I first started learning massage I had the ambition to start my own massage practice. I did not have a clear direction on the course I would take with massage, but I knew from the beginning what I wanted to name it, however, I didn't want to get ahead of myself. I still needed to do massage: one, so that I can continue to get better, and two so that I can continue to help people. So I set up my business on paper, got the license with the business name that I wanted, but chose to start with a DBA (doing business as). 

My first clients know me from Massage by Jeremy. I would travel to them and perform on-site massages. Through the course of a year, I found the path I wanted to take as a massage therapist. I took the national licensing exam, the MBLEx, and attained the status of Licensed Massage Therapist. Now I had the ability and the credibility to perform clinical massages. 

After a time, I was finally able to set up a massage studio in a spare room of my house. Once I started accepting clients at a physical location, I was ready to present the business. The name of my business is Alora. The name Alora means Dream.

I suffer from an Endocrine disorder that has my hormones in disarray. As a result, I struggle with a myriad of symptoms ranging from emotional to excruciating physical pain. My dream was simply to feel better. In one of my lowest times, I had given up on the doctors because they didn't have an answer for me, and turned to massage and bodywork. I had finally found relief.

Now I strive to help others get relief. Massage can help with so much more than just relaxing. I am dedicated to learning about the body and how all the systems connect, and specifically how I can help others through that knowledge. I think you'd be amazed at what massage can do for you.

Join me in my dream. Let me help you …

 Live Feeling Better

A message from the owner, 

Jeremy Dickerson, LMT