Massage for Digestion

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, surrounded by loved one’s and plenty to eat! Ironically, we fill our stomachs with all this wonderful food then we jump straight into the stress of Christmas shopping. Stress will actually slow down digestion; high stress can actually stop digestion altogether. This can cause a long list of symptoms. We chalk it up to having too much to eat or that we shouldn’t have had extra pie, but the reality is that our bodies simply aren’t effectively digesting the food that we ate.

Give yourself a chance to de-stress. A stress-relief massage will help tremendously. It only takes an hour! Don’t forget to include an abdominal massage. A lot of people miss this vital aspect of a good stress-relief massage. I know you may feel a little awkward at first having someone rub your tummy, but the reality is that an abdominal massage is specifically targeted to shutting down the adrenal glands, kick-starting and supporting peristalsis (the movement of food through the digestive tract), and even boosts your immune system.

Call a Licensed Massage Therapist near you and schedule your massage today. You could even help others by getting them a gift certificate for a massage.

Have a happy, stress-free, holiday!

Jeremy Dickerson, LMT

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