Eating Healthier with Massage

You might think that food and massage are in different leagues, but when it comes to a healthy body everything is connected.

First, what is the problem? The problem is that most foods we get at the grocery store are a chemical concoction of salts, sugars, and fats that our bodies love; especially our tongues. That is why we crave these processed foods.

Our body goes through a behavior-reward cycle. I get that salty craving and nothing seems to satisfy it until I reach for that bag of potato chips. That’s because that bag of chips was designed with the maximum amount of saltiness combined with a drastically less amount of filling satisfaction, that before I know it, I’ve downed the entire bag. The behavior: the salty craving, the reward: mounds of salt, the result: an immediate rush of dopamine then a gradual increase in fat tissue storage.

There is hope! There are several all-natural foods that will satisfy our cravings and giving us that satisfaction without increasing our waists. A helpful tip that I have found is to stay in the “outer ring” of the grocery store (most of the natural foods are located there), and if you need to enter the isles then go with the “5-ingredient” rule (don’t get it if it has more than 5 ingredients).

How does massage fit into this? Simple, massage triggers the same increase in dopamine that you get from eating junk food, and will actually help to burn fat by increasing circulation and allowing the body to metabolize properly. So if you’re having bad cravings, feeling low and like you want to eat your feelings, or just need help overcoming the behavior-reward cycle, call a local licensed massage therapist today. Your body will thank you!

Live Feeling Better!

By Jeremy Dickerson


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