The Science Behind Massage

The body is an amazing thing. The top layer of skin all the way down into the bone marrow is made up of millions upon millions of cells. Connecting all these cells together is a wonderful thing called fascia which is also comprised of millions of cells. Interwoven through the fascia, around the muscles, and into the skin are other cells which make up our nervous system and circulatory system, among others. There are all different kinds of cells working together to make our body function as a complete unit. With all this complexity there is one simple thing we can do to help it function at its best - massage.

Massage goes so much deeper than just rubbing oil on someone’s skin. It has been around for millennia and is the oldest recorded method of health care. Massage is even instinctual; when we stub a toe or scrape a knee our immediate reaction is to touch the affected area, even rub it. That’s because the simple act of touching and rubbing aids the cells that were affected. Allow me to explain.

When I massage someone I am flooding their nervous system with the sense of touch and movement which blocks the signals of pain. Then as the area warms due to friction blood flow is increased allowing more red and white blood cells to the affected area. Inflammation is carried away and the nerves are subdued. As a result, the muscles begin to soften and relax. The shock of the trauma has passed and now the body can enter the “rest and repair” stage which is when the body’s natural healing can occur.

There is tons of research and studies done to prove the effectiveness of massage and bodywork. I am even still learning all the wonderful ways massage can help the body. The important thing to take away from all of this is that massage is so much more than just pampering; it is health care. Massage is preventative care, post-traumatic care, and even rehabilitation. The best part is there are no side-effects!

So if you have back pain, joint stiffness, muscle tightness, tingling sensations, trouble sleeping, anxiety, tension, or headaches (just to name a few) then massage can help you. Call and schedule your Massage by me, Jeremy, to find out how massage can help you Live Feeling Better!

Warm wishes of health and happiness,

Jeremy Dickerson, LMT