Tension Release Massage

Everyone suffers from tension. Whether it’s a stiff neck, a backache, or a pulled hamstring, tension is the culprit. That is why our Tension Release massage is our most popular massage.

Tight muscles are caused by micro-tears in the muscle fibers or fascia. These tears trigger an inflammation response and pain shortly follows. Trigger points or muscle knots, as some refer to them, are adhesions where the injured fibers or fascia stick to each other and become rigid. Applying pressure to these micro tears and adhesions will flush away inflammation and increase mitochondrial biogenesis which helps the muscle fibers heal faster.

By using a combination of Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, and Myofascial Release we can focus on releasing those tight muscles. The massage is started off slow with lighter pressure and as the tissues soften the pressure becomes more firm to address the deeper muscles.

Massage should not be painful, but there can be some therapeutic discomfort as the deeper layers are addressed. Some refer to this as a good pain, but if it is too much, let your Massage Therapist know because when the pain is too much your body will have a protective response and the massage will not be effective.

Tension, if not treated, can have an adverse effect on your life, comfort, and even your posture. Massage is a great way to release that tension. Come check out our Tension Release massage and see how it can help you Live Feeling Better!