5 Things Massage Can't Do

There are many misconceptions about massage. While massage does have many benefits, there are a few things that massage cannot help with. I have compiled a list of 5 things that massage doesn’t do.

1. Help while sick.

When we get sick we get really achy and think that a massage would feel great, but a massage while your sick will actually make you worse. If you are running a fever, have the flu, pneumonia, a sinus infection, or even the common cold, call your Massage Therapist and reschedule your massage. Only once you’ve been on antibiotics for more than 48 hours and/or your fever has subsided, then you can get that massage to ease away all that achiness.

2. First 48 hours of injury.

Hurt your back at work, or got into a minor car accident and your neck hurts, and you just want to get a massage to make the pain go away. We’ve all been there, but it is important to wait at least 48 hours before getting your massage. Even if it’s a sprained ankle, you need to wait for the body to naturally inflame the area with white blood cells to start the healing process. Otherwise, massage will push all that away and it will take longer to heal and could be injured again more easily. After the 48 hours and a doctor has cleared you, getting a massage will help improve the remaining recovery time and will help reduce the pain.

3. Not a cure for anything.

Massage is not a cure, it is a treatment. A cure is considered something that will heal a condition completely. Massage will not cure cancer, but it can help reduce the symptoms, it will not cure your sciatica, but it will greatly reduce your pain, and it will not cure your frequent headaches, but it can help reduce the tension that could be causing them. So again, while massage will not permanently heal any condition, it helps ease the symptoms especially when massage is part of your regular wellness routine. Getting a massage regularly can help prevent some of these ailments.

4. Weight loss.

Everyone wants to be able to successfully manage their weight and some myths have claimed massage to help with weight loss. I am here to announce, that is not true. Massage alone will not reduce cellulite, tummy fat, or even shed pounds. However, massage will improve your mood, it will ease the tension caused by stress, and even help recover from workouts faster. Weight loss, when done properly, is a combination of eating healthy, exercise, and mental fortitude; add massage to your routine and it will help you reach your goals.

5. Release toxins.

Anyone who has ever received a massage has heard the line, “Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins.” Massage does not release toxins. What even are the toxins that they are referring to? Most would retort lactic acid, but lactic acid is a byproduct and occurs naturally in the body and can be recycled for fuel during intense workouts. Some would counter with nicotine, caffeine or even fumes from automobiles, but let’s be realistic, massage isn’t going to get rid of them by squeezing them out of the muscles. If anything a really deep and painful massage can create extra proteins called myoglobin, which in high quantities can poison the kidneys. Even a glass of water won’t help that. Don’t worry though, a typical deep tissue massage performed by a Licensed Massage Therapist will not cause any harm and will leave you feeling great. Of course, feel free to have that glass of water anyway because it certainly won’t hurt.

Massage has many benefits and even though there are a few things that massage cannot do, I would still recommend getting a massage regularly. Just be cautious. If you are sick and have a fever, reschedule. Know that massage for an injury should wait 48 hours. It will not cure you, but it can significantly help with your symptoms. Talk with your Massage Therapist and understand how massage can help you reach your goals. And feel free to drink the glass of water, not because it’s going to perform some magic, but because you're thirsty after an hour massage.




Jeremy DickersonComment