Jeremy began with light pressure but when I asked for more he changed. He asked several times if I was feeling ok. After the massage I felt more energy and better than I’d felt in weeks. A great experience!
— Mary Helen B.
He is amazing and very professional.
— Anthony N.
Great experience! Highly recommend! I plan to continue monthly massage therapy for stress.
— Lisette G.
Jeremy is the best!!! He is very knowledgeable and experienced in meeting my specific need (shoulder/neck). I had instant relief during/after my session. I would highly recommend Jeremy for any problem areas you may have.
— Paige M.
I have been receiving therapeutic massages from Jeremy for some time. He always takes the time to discuss my situation with me and ask what I am looking for in the session that day. After the massage he always wants feedback as to how I felt the massage went. He also asks how I am doing during the massage. He tries to come up with different ways to deal with my issues and personalizes my massage for me. I always feel as if I am his only customer. He is very thorough in all he does. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in a good massage.
— Suzanne G.

Jeremy is wonderful. I have never had a message that was as relaxing and relieved my tension. I can’t wait to go to my next appointment.
— Toni J.

Jeremy really knows his stuff! He finds the muscles that are all tensed up and works with them in a truly professional and knowledgeable way to get them to relax and alleviate pain and discomfort. Good job, Dr. J!
— Tim P.

Jeremy put me at ease right away, very professional throughout the experience, very personable.
— Susan B.

Great experience that was comfortable and professional. Quick to respond and clear communication. Jeremy is knowledgeable and attentive to the needs of the client. I highly recommend Jeremy, you won’t be disappointed.
— Billy J.

Not one thing to dislike and too many things too rave about.. Awesome at reading non verbal ques. Speaking often disrupts the mental “Zen” that Jeremy works hard to put you in. Jeremy can always tell when his pressure is too strong or too light and adjusts without saying a word.
— Ali G.

I have been receiving massages from Jeremy for a short time. In that time I have felt very good results from the massages. Jeremy’s techniques are very good in relaxing my muscles. He is always on time, very professional, always interested in my comfort. I have been looking for someone who can give me massages on a regular basis to keep my muscles loose. I believe I have found it here.
— Suzanne G.

Jeremy is amazing! I have had nothing but positive experiences. He is very knowledgeable making me feel comfortable throughout my appointments. His professional gentile approach in a relaxing atmosphere, gives one a full sense of well-being and care. I would highly recommend Jeremy serves.
— Paige M.

His therapy focused on the area of pain. He exercised care, gentleness, and the right amount of pressure. There was noticeable relief and it has continued into the next day. Better than pills, shots, and physical therapy. I will be continuing with treatments.
— James S.